Micah is One

20 Jan

As I write, I cannot believe that “Micah Man” is one. Since he’s such a big boy and has spent his life trying to chase after his big brother, for a while it’s felt like we don’t really have a baby in the house. But now, we really don’t have a baby in the house. 

The day before his first birthday, Micah took his first steps. Seeing stand next to Ari (and only a few inches taller) has transformed him seemingly overnight into a big boy.

Micah, what can we say about you? It’s never a dull moment. Turn your head for a second and you’re half way up the stairs or carrying around a golf club or using your music table to climb on to couch. You’re favorite is to sneak into your big brother’s bed and jump up and down–leading him to do the same. You are always on the go. At the same time, you’re very often happy. You have a wonderful giggle that almost sounds like you can’t catch your breath. Your can be shy when you’re first meeting someone, but you quickly give you beautiful big smile. And you almost always have that smile ready for Mama, Abba and Ari.

You eat everything in sight. Your favorites are meat–steak and chicken. In the past few weeks, you’ve gotten two new teeth to chomp down on your food. You also love fruits like grapes, strawberries and blueberries. You’re not impressed with most veggies yet, though you do love sweet potatoes and tomatoes. Micah has made the switch to whole milk, though you don’t love milk in your sippy cups at all, you’ll happily take water in them.

Even though you don’t cuddle unless you are sick, you love to walk over to us and give us huge hugs, often laying your head on us. We cherish these moments. It’s been a year of ups and down. There have been so many moments where we’ve been over our heads. But we are happy. So happy that you’ve entered into our lives and completed our family.

We love you Micah Shai!

Lewis Boys in Photos 2013

2 Jan

Brothers. For many years, I dreamed about having two boys that would bring love and happiness to our lives. I am bless that I have just that, though they’ve also brought chaos and craziness to our us as well.

Here are my favorite brother moments from 2013.

Fourth Quarter 2013

1 Jan

Apple picking, Halloween, Ari turns 3, Asheville.

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